Three Dimensional Air Traffic Visualization

Last update: 27th July 2011

EUROCONTROL and Linköping University, 2011
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Linköping University


About ATV3D

Project description

The ATV3D project is a collaboration between EUROCONTROL and C-research (formerly known as Norrköping Visualization and Interaction Studio, NVIS) a division within Linköping University in Sweden. This collaboration has been ongoing since 2001

The objectives of the collaboration have been to develop experimental software systems for the visualization of real-time air traffic control information, real or simulated, and conduct experiments to determine the potential value of three dimensional representations for controllers.

The software being released through this page is the current version of the software test bed which has been developed. The project is continuing however so please check back for updates which will be made at least twice a year for the foreseeable future.

Research goals

The research goals of the project can be broken down into three areas:

  1. Development of methods for interactive graphical representation of air traffic and related data. This has been the focus of the work for the first 5 years of the project and many methods have been developed and tested (see publications listed below).
  2. To provide an experimental platform for the evaluation of 3D interactive graphical representations of recorded flight information. This sub-project, a collaboration between the Swedish national air traffic control provider (Luftfartskerket) and NVIS, is designed to consider the exploration of recorded incidents, such as near misses or other failures of control, by experts and the presentation of their conclusions to non-expert audiences.
  3. To explore the potential of 3D graphical representations in the training of air traffic controllers. This work is in it's early stages with the first experiments being carried out in November 2009.